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Protecting your privacy is so important we made it part of our corporate bylaws.

Nobody cares more about your privacy than you. And yaza. We’ve incorporated Yaza as a public benefit corporation, legally obligating us to do right by society and the environment, not just shareholders. A mandatory requirement to protect your privacy is written directly into our corporate bylaws, holding us to a higher standard than other social networking companies.

You can read our complete privacy policy here, otherwise here’s a summary:

  • To function properly, the app requires access to your camera, contacts, microphone, and location.

  • This access is used to allow the app to function as designed and for no other purpose.

  • Your info and posts are encrypted and stored in a secure manner.

  • You control who sees your posts and can make them disappear everywhere within the yaza app, even after you share them.

  • Your private contact information is never shared with third parties.

  • Your anonymized geo-location data and map search requests are shared with external platforms such as Google in order to provide map-based functionality in the yaza app.

  • Upon your request, we will delete all your account data and posts, and will export this data to you before deleting it.