Yaza can help realtors keep showing houses safely during lockdowns

Peter SIsson
January 9, 2021

Anyone whose work requires them to interact with the general public is probably wondering how they will be able to stay on the job and earn a living without putting themselves, friends, and family at risk.

There is growing concern that the real estate industry could be particularly hard hit, especially as we enter the peak buying season. Open houses, house tours, and interacting with appraisers and contractors all present risks.  

After reading several articles like this, we realized that yaza can help keep people safe as homebuyers take advantage of lower interest rates. Yaza lets buyers’ and sellers’ agents show properties to multiple clients without the need for them to physically visit the property. Top producers already use the app to post narrated house tours that showcase their personal insights and build rapport with clients. Our original value proposition was to save time by reducing house tours. Now it is to save lives and keep the housing market strong.  As a public benefit corporation, this is part of our mission.

During this period, yaza is offering free service with up to 2Tb of storage, our pro package, for free until things get back to normal.  Click the link below to take advantage of this special offer.

Start posting your tours and invite your buyers to follow you on yaza. They’ll be able to tour your properties with you virtually while keeping your physical contact to a minimum.   See the example below from a top producer for Sotheby’s.

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