Top Producers Game 2021 Plan

Tara Dugan
March 9, 2021
Going beyond the basics noted in the '16 New Year's Resolutions For Real Estate Agents in 2021' article by KCM
Figure out the most crucial part of the real estate cycle, and focus on that. In other words - figure out how to spend the most time selling. The quicker you can learn how to structure your processes and entire business to allow you maximum sales time, the quicker you will climb your way up that ladder to reach the coveted title of 'Top Producer'.
In a recent article, RISMedia notes how delivering exceptional experiences to both buyers and sellers is "where the magic happens". This simple but significant aspect is what most greatly impacts an agents reputation and success. This is why buyers agents spend a substantial amount of time on each stage of the buyers process; from awareness, through consideration to making the final decision. When you excel at each phase of the buyers process, you greatly excel the rate at which you close, get your commission, get referrals, and start a new client process. Keeping that cycle going, and increasing your efficiency in it will launch you into new depths.
"Focusing on the most critical part of the real estate cycle and using mobile-friendly tech solutions enables real estate professionals to devote more time to sales." - RISmedia article 'How Top Producers Spend More Time Selling' (experts at SentriLock).
Stephen Kotler, CEO of Douglas Elliman's Western Region recently stated "If you give agents the tools to do more business, they will ALWAYS do more business." Technology has come a long way since the days of writing property info down on notecards for your records. Having the the right cutting edge technology in your arsenal will dramatically improve your business - if you utilize them properly. If you aren't using technology to make your life easier in the below categories, you're doing something wrong.

Here are The Top 7 Actions That Top Producers Are Taking in 2021.

  1. Managing Showings and Appointments
  2. Communicating effectively and efficiently with clients
  3. Getting instant access to market data
  4. Keeping your busy schedule on track
  5. Property Access
  6. Educate yourself
  7. Manage emotions and stress

Staying on top of all the 2021 NAR and President- elect Joe Bidens' proposed plans to know how to best advocate for your clients and yourselves.
- tax incentives for homeownership and construction of affordable housing,
- preserving the essential 1031 exchange
- protecting housing providers and commercial real estate
- fighting for more inclusive national housing policy.
(National Association of Realtors 2021 Legislative Preview - by Shannon McGahn)
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