Our most common asked questions.

What is Yaza?

Yaza is an iOS app that records HD videos, authenticates them, and displays them on maps at the exact address where they were recorded.  Videos are stored on our servers to free up phone memory. They can be shared internally using built-in chat features or shared externally to other platforms via a link that creates a unique web page per video.  Your followers can easily browse your videos using the map interface in the app or find them with ML image search tools.  You can share videos privately, see who views each one, and even unshare videos — erasing them completely from any place they’ve been distributed online (a perk of storing each video on our server).

How do I get started?

Download the yaza app for iOS in the App Store, create your profile, click the camera icon, and start recording! Once you have a complete house tour of one of your listings, invite your clients to the platform, and start building buyer trust.

Important tip: Tell your clients to add your phone number to their contacts before downloading the app and signing up. Once they create their account, the app will suggest they follow you – making it that much easier to connect.  Otherwise, your clients can easily find you by searching within ‘my circle’ in their profile (see “How do I find people to follow?” and “How do my clients see my tours?” in the How-To videos).

Another important tip: We recommend you record short videos to break things up! Recorded videos collect at each property and get stitched together to form a chronological viewing experience (see “What are some tips for recording house tours?” in the How-To videos).

How can I use Yaza to show real estate properties?

Yaza has tools for recording, storing, and sharing HD video clips on maps. Agents record tours as a series of clips (see next article) that get stored at the property on a map. Next, clients are invited to download the app and follow them. And finally, clients tour properties by moving the map to the neighborhood they want and pressing play to watch tours of properties within their selected range.

How to I share posts externally to facebook and other platforms?

Sharing on yaza is easy thanks to our integration with Apple’s sharing features. Simply click on the paper airplane in the bottom right hand corner or the three dots in the top right hand corner of a recorded video, and select which “Share to” option you desire. 

Please note: When sharing to Instagram, we unfortunately have to untether the video from yaza’s server, which makes “unsharing” it from the online world not possible. 

What are some tips for recording house tours?

Yaza organizes all videos at the property in chronological order.  So there’s no need to shoot one long take. 

  • The best approach is to shoot 30-60 second clips focused on specific rooms/areas of the house, and narrate the experience with insights, interior decor ideas, and things to notice.

  • Record the clips in the order you want the viewer to watch them. E.g. maybe start with a selfie shot in front of the house, and then record opening the front door into the entryway, and move on from there. Transition floors with a shot of you on the stairs. Tell a story. 

  • Film with the buyer’s eye.  The camera should pan the room slowly, focus in on details being described, open closets and drawers, look at views out windows, thinking like the buyer.  Follow where a buyer’s eyes would go. Don’t obsess.  Authenticity is what builds trust, not perfection.

  • When posting, take the time to adjust the location pin until you see the exact street address and select that. Once you’ve done it, it’ll remember for subsequent clips. Using the same address allows the clips to organize themselves at that location so they can be played as a tour.

  • If you make mistakes, just re-shoot. Yaza intentionally has no editing tools or filters. The videos that result are raw and authentic, which testing shows is preferred by buyers, especially younger clients.

  • As they are recorded, or soon after depending on the speed of your internet connection, your videos will upload to our servers in full HD quality, and start showing up on your followers maps soon after.